Hiding Glasses

Hiding glasses for fun and privacy

Hiding Glasses: Keep Your Identity Safe at All Times

The Latest in Facial Recognition Technology

Short Description: Keep your identity safe with Hiding Glasses, the latest in facial recognition technology. These stylish glasses blend in seamlessly with your look while preventing cameras from identifying you.


Party fun 

keep audience attention

Become the center of influence

Sending Fun to people around you

blind people have new look

Other black sun glasses, here come something different

Blind people need more than sunglasses

Best gift for blind people

New style for the blinds

Introducing the Hiding Glasses - Stylish Yet Practical Sunwear for Blind People 

The Ultimate Sunwear for Blind People - Let There Be Style!

Don't let the limitations of blindness stop you from looking your best. Introducing Hiding Glasses, fashionable and comfortable sunglasses designed with the specific needs of blind people in mind. Featuring a unique and subtle design, these glasses provide sun protection and an eye-catching look that's sure to turn heads.  


- Lightweight and comfortable frames that fit snugly and securely 

- Sweet and stylish designs with a minimalist aesthetic 

- Innovative shape for comfortable fit for any face shape

Partying fun !!

Make a statement with Hiding Glasses

Be the life of the party and stand out with Hiding Glasses

Hiding Glasses is the perfect way to make a unique statement at your next party. These glasses come with a unique pattern and color of your choosing, allowing you to be the life of the party. With these glasses, you can keep other people’s eyes on you and be a celebrity in the room.


Stay cool going indoor too!

You need to look cool and able to see in the dark when you going indoor!

If you wear sunglasses, you need to take off them indoor. So hiding glasses let you be cool and no need to take it off when you going into indoor where light is not bright enough to let you see clearly as outdoor. Are you tired of the inconvenience of having to switch between glasses and clip-ons? 

Though this is not actually a sunglasses that darken your eye sight outdoor in a sunlight, this hiding glasses let you stay cool at ease both indoor and outdoor without taking glasses off.

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3d printable @etsyshop



Mass order 

Customizable Hiding glasses let people know you or your brand instantly! 

send me your name or brand so to print your customized hiding glasses